Mortal Kombat IX – gaming was never better


I have decided to create this article regarding Mortal Kombat IX to give to all the MK series the commemorations that they really deserve. MK 9 is a game that brings to the players a lot of great stuff: gameplay options, challenges, off-line, on-line, good costumes and so on. Every player’s story is a series of fights put together by a random system and of course to not forget about the last fight with the big boss (lol).

Needless to say, the end of the game is a short story of the favorite character or the one you play with and the story is essential for the fans. The story mode is one of the most complex experiences that you can find in a fighter game – it can last four or five hours telling you the story ever since the final of Mortal Kombat Armaghedon. The related events are more than fatale, taking into account the fact that the protectors of the Real Earth have been defeated, and the last one alive are Raiden and Shao Khan. The problem is when Raiden loses the fight, and with his last breath he sends with his powers in the past a vision that will have to take place in the future and in this way he tries to rewrite the fatalistic events. So, during the story Raiden has a couple of flashback in the key parts of the story. The story mode actually gives us a fluent tale, so that players new or old to grasp something. Plus, this fills the game, small parts of the previous games that have been left empty are now filled up and so now there is no room for critics.

A good feature of this game is the Challenge Tower. It all start in a simple way regarding the fact that you play classic, after a couple of levels the game requires you to play more complicated. To pass a couple of levels you will find for instance in the situation to play a slot game. But this is not so bad, it is actually a pretty funny option that can easily unwind you before a fight. Your efforts are rewards with golden that you can use in alternative costume, music, movies or other.

If I want to describe the gameplay, I need to say that it is kind of a mix among Mortal Kombat 3 and Trilogy, MK 9 manages to implement all the best elements that those two had, but also bringing new ones. This game is a hard game, many of the fight are based on strategy, not on fast reactions. From my point of view, in this game you need to learn to read your opponent, and not to react at his shoots – mainly, I can easily state the fact that MK 9 is a game of fast reactions, but of the mind.

Multiplayer option is pretty interesting since you can create gaming sessions and you can invite friends to play rank games, plus other players can actually watch other fights. You can chat and this is a pretty good option.

MK 9 is a good game, especially because is a game based mostly on strategy and I need to say that the producers haven’t failed their fans.