A good spring for Mortal Kombat XL


Even though there are many complaints when the producers of Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm have announced that this spring will come with a big gift – Mortal Kombat X will be relaunched as Mortal Kombat XL.

The bad news is this full package will be only available for PS 4 and Xbox One. So, if you don’t own one of these devices, you may need to make an upgrade if you want to enjoy this game. PC users are the most damaged in this situation, since the producers haven’t made a version for PC and they don’t intend to.

Mortal Kombat X was the most appreciated fighting game last year – it won an award at The Game Awards.

Mortal Kombat XL will include in the package besides the basic game, the character Goro, Kombat Pack 1, Kombat Pack 2, plus all the extra skins.

I have ordered already this package and I am waiting it breathless. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and play it.